Thursday, November 22, 2018

Have a wonderful Holiday...I'm starting to think of Christmas with Sherri Baldy!

 Hope you all are enjoying Thanksgiving today!  If you are from a country that doesn't celebrate this Holiday, find reasons to be thankful for the joy of life.

This is usually my internal "switch" to be thinking ahead for Christmas and all the magic that it brings.  One of my favorite collections of Sherri Baldy's are her Christmas images.  I see so much joy in the adorable characters with the squished up eyes and chubby cheeks-love to color them!  This one is called Night Before Christmas.   
Because I thought it had been printed slightly off kilter, I fancy cut the image.  But at least I was able then to create a scene with flooring and wallpaper--can you imagine living in a home with this wild plaid on the walls?  I also added a hanging sign on the wall using a chipboard sentiment and I made a wooden planter with a poinsettia plant in it to fill the space.  Love how it turned out and hope that you will go exploring Sherri's shop with soooo many images in it.  If you need some help in the shop, you can always use my discount code CAROLYN20 to get 20% off your total purchase.  What a deal!  Thanks for visiting and come back real soon!