Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Men are going Out West at Hambo Hoedown!

I love challenges that stretch my "comfort zone" and this week I experienced that~but then when I started coloring in my Southwest digital Image by Hambo Stamps I just let my thoughts travel through possibilities and I came up with this scenario:  I could picture this dry desert mountain scene right outside my window if I lived in Arizona or if I was traveling through the area in my camper. Then, what would I find surrounding me in those locations:

  • pleated blinds on the windows (made here from heavy cardstock, pierced with a sewing machine needle to mark the path later punched and threaded through with waxed thread. Then, coppery blind "pulls" to lift the blinds.
  • I glued down a "valance" across the top of the blinds-mainly to cover up the knots from the cord.
  • There would be "moulding" around the window-here in brown and even with the corners mitered.
  • A couch to sit on-I used stitched lines and lots of shading to show the arms and puffy back
  • I created a pillow out of 2 circles of crumpled patterned paper, stuffed with fluff, and ran a stitch around the edge.  Distressed with ink.
  • Then added an afghan-strip of paper, crumpled, fringed, and wadded up into the corner of the couch.
  • The Sentiment added is also from Hambo Stamps from a previous entry into their great contests.
I hope you will get inspired from the DT entries using this image and get your Masculine card supply built up again!  This is a great way to increase your digital library by simply placing your entry with them in time to receive the next challenge digital image~Free!
Thanks for looking and remember to think out of the box and not get intimidated, Carolyn


  1. Carolyn, this is just so cool!! Love the whole little scene and the couch is great! Your window shade is amazing~!

    1. Thanks Judy!! I really had to think on this one~

  2. This is incredible! I love the shade pulls and the shades - very clever!

    1. Ahhhh thanks Lyn!! It was a head scratcher but was fun in the end!