Thursday, July 18, 2013

Emboss Me at Squigglefly this week!

 This week's challenge is SFC2813 Emboss Me!

Squigglefly wants you to add something embossed to your card, it can be any of the wonderful backgrounds that create embossing, any of the spellbinders die cuts that have embossing, any brass stencils that use dry embossing, or add a great embellishment or cardstock that already comes embossed.

It is definitely the "DOG DAYS of SUMMER" here in the Mid-West.  I guess I find as I get a little older, I can't tolerate the Humidity. Thank goodness we have huge old maple trees around the house and good ceiling fans to stir the air!!  Well, with that thought in my head, I chose this neat image from Fawn Palmer called A Lap Dog.  We have a boxer and she is JUST like this picture-as big as she is, she doesn't know that she's not a lap dog-yep, climbs right up there and snuggles down.  I think I must have this look on my face I struggle for AIR!  I used a great embossed cream cardstock that I actually got in a paper swap from a scrapbooking Board on Yahoo that I belong to.  It's called Scrapbook Place.  Check it out if you have some time!
Hopefully this heat wave will soon end-Wish you all a Popsicle to munch on and a cold shower to cool you off.  Thanks for looking! Carolyn   


  1. Carolyn, I love this card! This is one of my fav images (my Mother loves it too - she talks about it all the time). I love how you colored the dog - wow! So both you and Shirley have boxers? I love dogs but can't have them with my allergic husband so I have to love other people's dogs. Stay cool. Great card - one of my favs I have seen you do. Hugz!

  2. What a great card Carolyn! I love the way you colored the dog! Cute sentiment too!

  3. What a fun and totally adorable card this is Carolyn! You've created such a lovely scene! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, take care, Ira x