Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mother's Day is coming soon~Flowers from Fred, She Said!

 I've seen these style cards on several blogs lately and was determined to try them out!  I got carried away and ended up making 4 of them, all a little bit different.  But the greatest thing was that I was able to use the Happy Flower Set  from Fred, She Said! By using that multi-flower set, I was able to get several different looks.  I used a ready made card blank as a size pattern and then measured and cut out the Pot template. Two Terra Cotta colored pieces sandwiched together with foam dots made the perfect pocket for the slide out insert.  I mounted the flower layers on the insert and found just the perfect verse to make a Mother smile.  I wish all you Crafty Mothers out there a well deserved Day of Recognition!  Hope you spend the day basking in the Love of your Family and relaxing...cause the next day it's all back to the daily Routine!


  1. Carolyn you flower pot card is so cute. I've not tried making one of these yet, but they've been on my "someday" list for a while now. You may have inspired me to get with it!

  2. This flower pot is sooooo fun! I have always wanted to try one, and yours is very inspirational with all the fun and cute flowers. So well done! Hugz!