Friday, April 4, 2014

Previewing a New Card Blank Design at The Paper Cut-the Double Hinge Card!

This is a new pre-scored card blank that will be sold soon in The Paper Cut store-It's called the Double Hinge card.  The pre-scoring takes all the guess work out of the equation and it's really easy to fold along the creases and holds it's shape!  The base color and mat that you see here are Basis Aqua and Gold Manilla File.  AND the adorable print I used is called Azure Mini Print and comes in several colors.  I used a Cheryl Alger Digital print on this Welcome Baby card and a baby clear acrylic stamp on the inside

To show you another version, I bring you a thank-you card using the same Double Hinge card blank from The Paper Cut!  They are so versatile-I used a digital card front that spans across the folded opening-it's adhered only across one side.  When you pull the opposite side out from underneath, I used the backside of the b&w front mat which is white and stamped LOVE on it. When the Basis Red card base opens, there's plenty of room to showcase your sentiment, a picture, a complimentary stamped image-possibilities are endless.
Over the next several days, I want to keep previewing different takes on this new style for The Paper Cut as well as some other folds that they will be featuring-be sure to check back to get some new ideas for 2014!  Thanks for looking!


  1. Oh wow you have such a beautiful creative style. Just love the interesting folds of these.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}