Thursday, March 10, 2016

It's Moppet Time at Lacy Sunshine Stamps! Mine's a little bit of Vintage.

 This month we celebrate the Moppet's here at Lacy Sunshine-they are creations of artist Heather Valentin and come in many forms as you will see throughout March.  The one I chose to use is Camile Melancholy Moppet and I especially liked her because of the violin in her hand.
I come from a family that always had Music in the house and learned to love all forms of it.  My Dad was a college professor that taught Opera and singing in NC and once had a contestant in the Miss North Carolina Pageant.  We listened to Classical as well as folk and soft rock. My brothers were both in the Band at school and I took piano and voice lessons.  My favorite memory is when we would go around to all the neighborhood around Christmas caroling-the great thing is with 5 members, we could each carry a part and had awesome harmony.  Good times.
Well Camile brought all those memories up to the front.  I love her rich looking clothing and hope I've colored it to look like velvet...that was my vision anyway!  Using a Z fold style card, I mounted a triple matted Camile image on the front on top of some vintage music design paper which I carried out on all the surfaces.  Having it offset like that I was able to add a Heavy cream colored lace along the front edge and added 3 teal blue pearls in the image corner.  It all folds out flat when you open it up completely and you can see the kraft label sentiment on the inside that's perfect.  I had fun making this and hope you enjoy!

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