Saturday, August 15, 2020

Love is up in the Air for All Dressed Up Stamps' Challenge

I knew when I first saw the image "Wedding Balloon" at All Dressed Up Stamps that I had to use it to build up my Engagement/shower/wedding cards!  It's so beautiful by Wendy Burns!

Not only are the couple "floating" in the clouds, but so is the paper they're stamped on with the use of pop dots.  Using the newest clouds stencil on the market, I've been having a ball making my backgrounds.  I need a little more practice on them but I love the puffiness of them.  *On a side note, I feel a kinship with hot air balloons.  The Blanchard side of my heritage is best known for being the first hot air balloonist in France-his "contraption even had a set of large Wings attached for "lift"? I guess.  I've seen many illustrations of his balloon in our history pages and on retail merchandise even.

On the inside, I used floral cream and pink paper to coordinate with the front.  I used a sheer sticker Love sticker then I add some absolutely gorgeous, heavy, embroidered lace that is accented with sequins and pink satin thread. What a finish to this card-I hope you like it as much as I do!

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