Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fisherman's Birthday~a Big One!

The Love of my life is celebrating his 60th Birthday today and because I have to share him with his "other" love (Fishing), I decided to make him a special card!  I came across this card & a Template in a great book by Paper Crafts called The best of Card Creations.  I haven't even begun to use it for ideas but I did come across this one and had to make it.
You start with the pattern cut out of med. weight green cardstock and then I covered it with a fish camo paper on the back and fronts.  I had blown this up so the end result was a card 6.5 x 6.5 roughly.  I cut pockets and flaps out and then put stickers, stickles, some fishing line, fish charms, and some chipboard accents all over them.  The inside opens to a sentiment I had from a challenge I entered.  Since we both will reach this milestone this year, it only seemed appropriate!  Thanks for looking and if you need the template, just contact me and I will try and send it to you via email.  Happy Fishing!  Carolyn 



  1. Hello! I saw your card on the feature list at The Outlawz and had to come see how you made it! I would love it if you would try to send me the pattern. It is Many of the men in my family would love to receive this! My grandson's middle name is "Fisher" because his daddy loves to fish so much!! True story LOL

  2. hello, i just love your blog and your creations. i was wondering if you could also try to send me this file? me and my bestie go fishing alot and his bday is quickly approaching. i couldnt find a way to contact you.


  3. HI! While googleing for inspiration for my dear hubby's 40th birthday card I came across your wonderful card! I love it! My husband LIVES to fish and if you could try to send me the template it would really save my life! :-)